Saturday, April 5, 2008

Zichron Yakov (not sure of spelling) Akko , Rosh Hanikra, and the Galilee

One of our many stops was in a wonderful little village called Zichron Yakov .. A lively community with children running up and down the street getting ready for Purim.. and .. well in general being kids.. kids just like you see at home... We explored the little shops and found a great falafel stand.. It was our first Falafel and to me the best.. We ate our lunch and walked around for a bit ... We found a wonderful little bakery where we purchased some pastries and pita bread. .. and walked around some more. It was a cozy town established by the Baron de Rothschild this also was prior to our vist at Meir Shefya.

Akko was like discovering an old history book and blowing away the grit and looking around. Seeing the ancient port City. and to think about the history behind one of the crusader era sites we visited was almost too much to grasp to think this huge building was built in the ancient times with no power tools or cranes or any modern machinery and to look at the detail work of the building is interesting to think about.. The huge archways and the columns .. how this could be assembled with just human power.. or should I say human slavery.

We also traveled on too Rosh Hanikra and took the cable car to see the sea grottos.. Imagine if you can.. here you are on the border of Israel and Lebonan.. RIGHT THERE ON THE BORDER.. you can see the gates.. YOU can see Lebonan.. right there.. a panoramic view of dusty white mountains and valleys..here is a blurb about this history laden area.
We also stopped in a Druze village called Pequiin click on the link below to find out more about this village click on What is Bustan Pequiin then click on About Peqiin > Peqiin
Synagogue information in Druze village
And the journey continues......

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