Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We stayed at Kibbutz Nof Ginosar in the hotel, which was similiar to a motel. Situated on the Sea of Galilee which is more a less really a fresh water lake. Walking down the slightly rocky straight path to the waters edge to hunt for rocks and shells, we noticed in the early morning warmth a couple of crabs milling about. When you look out into the water, the most striking thing was how still everything was. Like a sheet of glass stretching out before us the water was calm and quiet.

We walked over to a musuem which houses a boat which is believed to have carried Jesus or been a fishing boat in that time.

Our journey continues with a visit to an ancient town that houses a synagogue
built in 341 with a mosaic floor . Once again I it is hard to grasp such history laying before our eyes. We explored more ruins at Beit She'an as we made our way down to the Dead Sea.. Everyone loves the Dead Sea its a unique experience .. you will not go under if you get in the water.. and because it is so salt dense it holds you up.. its weird like a life jacket.. and its kinds slimy feeling too.. Supposedly its good for your skin... HELLO.. not in my world... after about 5 minutes being in .. my skin started burning.. I had to get out and rinse off under the shower for a while.. hmmm guess my body does not like the Dead Sea very much... my skin still is recovering.. To get to the The Dead Sea, we went to the Public Beach since the Spa area was about to close.. We walked down the rocky beach.. and made our way to the edge of the Dead Sea.. it was pretty cold and thick feeling Here is a place , I have always heard about.. and now it was laying before me.. you could see to the bottom and as you walked out the ROCKS became mummified in Salt.. THICK SLABS OF SALT with ragged edges and smooth curves.. like under water slippery hills.. It was like trying to walk on ice.. slick and in some areas sharp... You had to get down and sort of crab walk over the mounds of Salt because they were so slick once you got over the mounds..you were out into the water and you floated.. as is evident by the above picture. It was really bizzare and had my skin not stung so bad I would have stayed there longer....Not sure if I would get back in.. and the best advice I can give is.. if you have any nicks or cuts on your skin.. skip the Dead Sea... after the Dead Sea we returned to the Kibbutz and had dinner .. the day had been tiring so we headed to bead... The journey continues....

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Danny Brothers said...

my favorite place in israel is the dead sea. trick is for women: DO NOT SHAVE anything for at least a couple days before going in.