Saturday, April 5, 2008


The Galilee mountains .. Bar'am an ancient village now abandoned has the skeleton of an ancient synagogue still standing.... the link above gives you a short and interesting synopsis about Bar'am.
Safed with its mystical stories of Kabalah and historic synagogues was wonderful we toured through the artists quarters and walked through a couple of the synagogues. I found it interesting that the insides were painted a tourquoise blue, I asked about this and was told this was to ward off evil.

One of the villages we toured that day was preparing for Purim, as happened many times on this exurision.. here was another example of feeling as if I had stepped back into time. We toured a synagogue the men went in on one side and the women the other.

We could not see anything from our side but on the men's side they were wrapped in Tefillin and praying.

The woman prayed too and sushed you if happened to talk too loud. We spoke with a woman who happened to speak English and she explained to us about synagogue we were in.
Eventually the day would find us at Steve's cousins home.. Rhonda, Moshe, Hagar, Yaov and Edo. It had been over 30 years since Rhonda had seen her cousins.. The reunion was so sweet and far too short. We had an unexpected treat of hearing Moshe and Edo duet on the drums Edo had to play that evening and wanted to practice before he left.

I had an emotional conversation with Rhonda and Moshe's son Yaov.. that conversation is discussed in a later post. Where they live is so beautiful.. and peaceful.. yet not too long ago war shattered that silence and their neighbors home suffered rocket damage. I don't know how one combines what looks like a peaceful setting to an area that shares so many battle scars yet still is covered in lush greenery and is drapped by a cool breeze.
The adventure continues....

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