Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finally, Israel

DAY ONE ~Travel is always an adventure, though we travel via motorcycle with a certain amount of ease, travel via air is totally different. From security, to finding your gate, to praying you wont be next to a screaming child or screaming adult for that matter. One of the sweetest moments on the flight was hearing the pilot announce we are now entering Israeli Airspace. Yet by enduring that 11 -13 hour flight one is given so many rewards as your plane touches the ground.. Israel is yours. We arrived in Israel, precisely, Tel Aviv a little bit later than planned. We made our way through security and baggage to be greeted by staff that led us to a waiting taxi for the hotel.

Once at the hotel we met up with Stuart and Dianne and walked the windy chilly streets to a wonderful little cafe called OLIVE. the food was amazing.. the israeli salad was perfect and the chicken even better, granted we had just been eating airplane food for the last 11 hours so anything would be devine compared to that. We wandered back to our hotel and I was taken with the simpleness of where we were staying. Israel is not abundent in random luxury. We had small rooms, even smaller bathrooms , Israeli hotels do not provide wash clothes this too was a interesting difference between American hotels and Israeli ones.

Tel Aviv is a very young city. Sparse in glitz yet sophisticated and fun. One thing I noticed about Tel Aviv is that most of the folks around us were younger than we were. I seldom saw an older person while there. I wish we had had more time to peruse the city but many great adventures awaited our arrival...

We had a busy day coming up so it was off to bed .. as it is off to bed for me now.. here are a few pictures I have added to my flickr sight will be adding many more pictures as well as building up the blog.. check back often.

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