Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Arising to a warm and sunny day .. our journey takes us to Masada this magnificent natural fortress stands high.

We took the cable car up and walked around.. As we rode up we noticed people on the snake path coming down .. several folks were stopping and resting .. it was a very HOT DAY to be going up or down Masada on foot. On top of Masada the view is incredible.. you can see the Dead sea and surounding areas.. To think of the history on this lone mountain fortress. Some call it bravery .. some call it cowardess. When you think.. of the history.. built on this mountain.. by hand.. ... it was no easy task I am sure back then to do such work.. If you are so blessed to see the detail of the ruins left behind.. to see the detail and workmanship.. it is amazing to think what was done.. and to invision.. that at those last final hours.. the choices these people had to make.. SLAVERY or die FREE... You decide.
Solomon's Pillars and the ancient copper mines were pretty interesting too.. you could look down on the ground and find all sorts of sandstone with copper viens running through. Walking through the area and seeing the mushroom shaped formation developed by years of winds and erosion was pretty interesting.. Grasping .. that this all happened so long ago too still seemed a bit mystifying..

The hotel Agamim Hotel was really nice in Eilat.. Monday we traveled to Petra , IF you are familiar with the Indiana Jones movies you will recognize the temple area .. that was really cool to see in person.. not just because of the movie but the way it is carved out of the mountain its amazing... One thing you ran across a lot on your journey down were people.. poor folks asking for money or selling everything from colorful rocks.. to colored sand in bottles.. to trinkets and jewelry. I had one little girl want to sell me a rock.. when I refused she gave it to me.. I tried to give it back and she was quiet the little con artist. U know.. you are beautiful she said to me.. and she followed me around lavishing compliment after compliment saying her rock is a gift.. however she stayed with me until I gave her a few shekels or dollars.. they were a little on the agressive side but not to seriously annoying. I guess everyone has to make a dollar.. the odd thing was we only saw this on the way down .. not on the way back up.. This 7 mile hike.. collided with me not feeling so well.. we had to stop at a pharmacy and get some meds to sooth my poor tummy.. Still did the walk though.. down and up.. Very interesting to say the least...

We spent Tuesday our off day relaxing at the hotel and going for a walk in Eilat.. it was sweltering hot so the bulk of the day was spent by the pool.. the water was freezing cold but it felt wonderful.. The pool wraps around the courtyard of the hotel.. Eilat is considered a beach town.
and so the adventure continues...

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