Monday, January 7, 2008


This is Israel :

It is a pretty small place in the grand scheme of things don't you think..???

I will be visiting there in March... I am very excited about this trip... We are very excited about this trip.. Neither Steve nor I have every been. I can only imagine the history I will see.. and I wonder how it will affect me.. I wonder what perspective will I take. I wonder how my religious self will feel. I wonder what will touch me the most... Will it be the Wall, will it be Hadassah hospital and seeing the amazing facility. Will it be the people? the music? Will I see a whole new view on Judaism.??? Will I see people living their religion like one puts on a pair of blue jeans? comfortable ?? What will I learn and bring home with me. A new sense of faith? A better understanding on what Israel really means?? This tiny bit of a country, so deeply rooted in history ... that men and women battle for it... war after war... death after death.. just so this tiny place on the planet can survive... so powerful that it creates arguments heard around the world in daily conversation with strangers... . Will I see just another piece of adopted western civilization? Or a combination of faiths trying just to survive ? A place where some wonder how much longer will it exist.. ? A place that will survive until the end of time? I wonder all of these things.. what will I see, what lessons will I take with me.
I look forward to visiting Yad Vashim, I look forward to celebrating Purim there ( I think we will be there during this time) I look forward to a shabbat or two there..mostly , I look forward to being with family and sharing this experience together. Everyone else going has been there before... so it will wonderful to not only develop our own opinions but see this all through their eyes as well.

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Moosegirl said...

Israel is beautiful and I place I have always wanted to return to. I visited in 1992 as part of a school trip!